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Our Journey & Love Story

Photography by: Chrystl Roberge

Oh my goodness I’m back! Last week was just crazy and I’m so happy to be back for the wedding series! Last week my sweet husband and I celebrated six months of marriage. We went out for a nice dinner and just spent some time chatting about the last six crazy & love-filled months! When planning out my next wedding post, I thought it would be a great time to share our story with you.

How we met: I was 19 and Tony was 21. We went to the same college (go Augie) and finally met after a year and a half of me being there. On Friday night of Halloween weekend, my sorority had a costume date party and I had planned to go with a friend. At the last minute, he was unable to go and I was dateless to the sorority date party! I decided I still wanted to go and started getting ready anyways. With some liquid courage, good friends, and the promise of music and dancing, I was on the bus and on my way. When I walked into the event, I spotted a cute boy across the room in a jersey and decided I wanted him to be my dancing partner. After scoping out the situation, I had a friend chat with him and see if he wanted to dance. Mission accomplished! He said yes and we had a great time! Sadly, he had to continue to work and went back to helping the DJ who was party of his fraternity. After writing my number on a napkin, and asking to dance once again, we danced the night away and danced till the party ended. After the party, he asked to see me the day after and the rest is history.

How he proposed: As you already know, Tony & I started our love story in college at Augustana. This school means so much to us as we spent 3 years of our relationship there, met our best friends there, and really grew into the people we are today. As a music education major, I spent a lot of time in the performance hall for concerts and various other performances that I sang in and made many memories in! The year after I graduated I participated in the annual tradition of singing Handel’s Messiah at Christmas time for the 3rd year in a row (for me personally – Augie has been doing this for forever!) This year was special because I had graduated and it was the first magical Christmas time living with Tony post graduation! The night for the performance finally came and Tony had planned to have his beautiful niece (my now very close friend) come join him for the concert. Post concert, I met them near the stage and Tony asked to have a photo of the two of us on stage. I hesitated (not sure if we could go on stage) but Tony assured me that we could (which raised even more suspicions that something weird was going on) and there we stood side by side posing for the camera. About 20 seconds into the “photo” , Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up came on the speaker system. Tony immediately got a nervous look, turned towards me, held my hands, and told me the sweetest words I’ve ever heard. Before I knew it, he was on one knee & asking me to marry him! Of course I said yes and jumped into his arms. I was so happy we even forgot to put on the ring! After tears of joy, many hugs and kisses, Tony turned me towards the audience (which had people freaking out who had accidentally witnessed the proposal) to show me my parents and his walking towards us. I completely lost it and was overjoyed by the fact that he had our parents witness the entire event and had my family travel from Chicago to Iowa to be with us.

I am the luckiest girl for having the opportunity to grow with Tony over the last 5 and half years. These first six months of marriage have been so humbling and have strengthened our relationship. We’ve had some hard times where we’ve had to lean on each other and I’m glad to have him by my side for the good & bad times. I am amazed by his constant support and how he encourages me to follow my dreams, both in my career and my blog. Love you Ton!

I’d love to hear your love stories and how much they mean to you. Thank you for still reading and for peeking inside our story!

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