Taking A Step Forward

 Y’all this is about to get deep.

Life gets busy. Life gets stressful. Life has its ups and downs. These last few years of my life have been eventful in the best ways possible. I am always a person who pushes forward and asks myself “what is next?!” and thankfully I am married to the sweetest man who also has the same feelings and drive. In the last two years, we have planned a wedding, I got a new job in Iowa City, moved to Iowa City, got married, started my blog, Tony got promoted, met new friends, started saving for a house, and have endured through some pretty tough family stuff. During all these times, I am grateful for a husband who supports me no matter what.

As I look forward into my life, I ask myself “whats next?” Well, I’m a dreamer and may have too many goals for myself but I think thats the best way to keep moving forward and bettering myself. As I take a step forward, these are the goals I have set for myself and how I plan to execute them. If you’ve read my January Goals blog post, then you’ll see that I’ve moved along on some of my goals and changed some as well!

  1. Grad school. This has been something that has been popping up in my mind for a couple years now and I’m starting to feel that the time is coming for me to further my education. I am so thankful for parents who set the expectation that I would go to college and supported me through it. When I graduated, I had never really thought about education past my bachelor’s degree until now. I am a person who LOVES school. Yes I am a teacher but I love learning and the idea that I am bettering myself through education. I have done a lot of research in the last few months to see what school and program will be best for me. Once I have that figured out, I then have to decide when I would like to start my masters!
  2. Buying a house & saving money. Saving money is hard. Especially when you love clothes and you’re a blogger. Although its no fun, Tony and I have hit the books and figured out exactly what we need to do to fulfill our dream of owning a house! We have worked hard for the last few months and continue to save as we plan for our next adventure together which is buying our first home together. This has really put things into perspective for me and has reminded me that the simple joys come from not spending money & that I’m lucky to have a man on my side that makes that process of saving so much fun!
  3.  Self love. It is a tough world out there and unfortunately in the age of social media, its hard to feel great about yourself all the time. I will be the first to admit that I beat myself up way too much. I have always been judgmental of my own body and self and as I grow older (and grow tired of this feeling), I have started to find more ways to love myself. I understand that the majority of my feelings are a result of no one else but my own harsh expectations or comparisons that I create. I am blessed to have a family around me that supports and loves me but deep down, you’ve got to have self love. I feel best when I’m doing what I love with the people I love. I have made eating well and exercise more of a priority in my life and continue to search for way to sing in the community, go on adventures, and love myself. I challenge yourself to do the same and find ways to tell yourself you’re worth it & how beautiful you are!

When Famous Footwear reached out to me about their Step Forward campaign, I knew this would be right up my alley. As a goal setter myself, I knew that nothing would make me happier than writing a blog post about my goals and how I plan to look forward into the future. With my self love goal, fitness plays a large role in that. My new famous footwear Nike’s are so much fun and make me excited to head to the gym or take a walk outside! The fun palm tree pattern has me dreaming of summer and days when the grass is green, flowers are blooming, and nights out on the patio! You can join the step forward campaign and get a pair for yourself by clicking here.

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Thank you Famous Footwear for sponsoring this post!

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